Pencil Pod Black Wax Beans - This vigorous, stocky bush bean is a prolific producer. Fleshy, light yellow pods 12-15 cm (5 to 6″) long are quite tender and generally stringless. Plants grow to between 40-50 cm (16-20″) tall.
Perpetual Spinach - While this plant is a member of the chard family, it actually tastes and looks more like a spinach. And it lives up to its name. Why you ask? Simply put it is very longstanding in the garden and rarely bolts to seed through the growing season. When planted early it will provide tasty, succulent greens from late spring right through the summer and into the fall. Prolific and very hardy.
Peppermint Swiss Chard - Peppermint is in a class by itself. Bright white petioles dressed with pink stripes from bottom to top contrast brilliantly with dark green savoyed leaves. Peppermint creates a visual pop that will catch any eye and is perfect for specialty markets and home gardeners alike. 
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